Prospective Projects

RECOR is constantly planning new projects supporting the community.

RECOR, like other non-profit making organizations, depends on members contribution and fundraising. Members contributions cannot cover all of RECOR needs and community development initiatives. It is in this regards that RECOR is searching for partners to support prospective projects.

Following projects are under development. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further infomation:


The Center for Sustainable Development

RECOR is planning to establish a public Center for Sustainable Development to increase environmental awareness and knowledge among the community.
Everyone interested can visit the center for information about important current topics.
Main topics will be Environmental Management, Nature and Wildlife Conservation, Soil Conservation, Water Conservation and Harvesting, Nutrition and Health Improvement through Kitchen Gardens and Household Sanitation, Tree Nursery and Care and Sustainable Farming.


Environmental Education in early Childhood

It is important to raise children’s environmental awareness early. Therefore, RECOR wants to teach young girls and boys environmental topics in school.
Rwanda is facing several environmental challenges as land shortage and effects of climate change. Children have to learn early how to run highly efficient farming on small land. Also they have to know how to cope with climate change impacts like rain shortage to be prepared for their future. Especially the Eastern Province is facing draughts. It has to be taught how to store and safe water for times of little rainfall.