Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to have a country where integrated environmental management offers sustainable livelihoods. The overall mission is to advocate for, to take positive national action on environmental challenges and wildlife issues. That idea is well summed up in our Motto “Environment Determines Tomorrow”.


The following points are our specific objectives we pursue in order to fulfill our vision and mission:

  • To educate the population and ensure the sustainable social and economic use of the natural resources
  • To help the public in recognizing the value of conserving wildlife heritage and the environment
  • To encourage the scientific study of wildlife and environment
  • To promote reforestation, agro-forestry, better methods of farming and high value crops
  • To help promoting and increasing Rwandas tourist attraction centres and to assist members visiting them for educational purposes
  • To improve national and international cooperation with organisations of similar goals and objectives
  • To promote the realization of the cultural, recreational and economic values of Rwandas natural resources