Education for Sustainable Development

“There are solutions to the major problems of our time; some of them even simple. But they require a radical shift in our perceptions, our thinking, our values.”
(Fritjof Capra, 1996)


Nowadays, there are several crucial questions and issues facing people in all societies throughout the world. These include:
• how to preserve and protect the environment, reduce pollution and manage natural resources in a sustainable way;
• how to reduce the inequalities that exist between different people in all parts of the world and protect their human rights;
• how to develop peaceful and harmonious communities by promoting understanding between people who are different from one

To be able to face the mentioned issues, the main goals concerning Education for sustainable development are:
• To foster awareness and concern about economic, social, political and ecological interdependence in urban and rural areas.
• To provide every person with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, values and attitudes, commitment and skills, needed
to protect and improve the environment.
• To create new patterns of behavior of individuals, groups and society as a whole towards the environment.

The central way to raise the peoples’ awareness of their environment is to open environmental clubs at schools and high institutions of learning. Additionally students are trained for example in nursery preparation. Also initiate activities and events in secondary schools, such as environmental competitions in poems, drawings and drama are organized.
In general there should be an awareness of one’s environment, the knowledge to understand environment, a certain attitude towards the environment and participation in solving of environmental problems to be able to make right decisions for the benefit of the people themselves and others now and to act upon them in future.

REMA’s Guidelines for infusing Education for Sustainable Development into Schools in Rwanda


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Kids have to learn to solve environmental problems when they are young. School subjects should go hand in hand with environmental education.