logosmallRECOR (Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organization) is a national environmental conservation NGO, working on climate change, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy, education for sustainable development, forestry, agroforestry, water, hygiene and sanitation. It involves local communities in looking for suitable and sustainable solutions to local environmental challenges.


  • Educating students on spatial thinking

RECOR was founded in 2000 and was legally registered in 2003. It has been started by a movement of students of the National University of Rwanda as a wildlife club. Later it extended further to other higher institutions of learning, to primary and secondary schools. After the realization of national environmental challenges, the youth from the above said institutions gathered and formed a National Non-Governmental Organization to work nationwide.


RECOR received in 2015 a new certificate of compliance by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB). RECOR is a NGO legally operating in Rwanda with the new law. You can click on the following link to open the new certificate.


RECOR’s Head Office is based in Kigali but we are determined to carry out the activities in all corners of the country.